Funding opportunity: Scenarios of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Funding Opportunity!The Belmont Forum and BiodivERsA have announced a joint call for research proposals on 'Scenarios of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services.'

Twenty-five nations are participating, with a provisional sum of over EUR 25 million having been committed. This collaborative funding effort aims to address the following major (non-exclusive) priorities: 

  • Development and application of scenarios of biodiversity and ecosystem services across spatial scales of relevance to multiple types of decisions
  • Consideration of multiple dimensions of biodiversity and ecosystem services in biodiversity scenarios

Proposals should explicitly address a scenario dimension, taking into account the following definition: “Scenarios of biodiversity and ecosystem services are the outputs of the combination of scenarios of indirect drivers and direct drivers — such as land use change, invasive alien species, overexploitation, climate change or pollution — and models of impacts of these drivers on biodiversity and ecosystem services.”

To find out more about this exciting opportunity, including details on submission, research priorities, and assessment criteria, please visit the The Belmont Forum and BiodivERsA websites.