Brief news from the MRI Office

MRI kicks off new phase with internal meeting in Bern

Newly appointed MRI Executive Director, Carolina Adler, recently convened a meeting in Bern with the MRI Chair and team of MRI Principle Investigators, to kick-off planning proceedings and mark a new phase for MRI as a service to the mountain research community. The meeting was held in early June at the MRI offices in Bern, focusing on the institutional set up of MRI under the Swiss Academies of Sciences, SCNAT, as well as the diverse number of MRI's projects and activities that have galvanised the mountain research community over the years. One of the key topics also covered, included the set up and relationships with existing regional networks within the MRI fold, and other global networks such as Future Earth, with a view towards coordinating efforts to continue to foster and connect with these networks, and connect to other existing networks in other regions that have relevance and importance for scientific research in mountain areas. Other topics covered included the work underway to conduct a review and audit to help redefine a new communications strategy for MRI, as well as specify a framework and tasks for a new work plan. Next steps in this planning phase, includes a meeting with the members of the MRI Science Leadership Council, who play a leading and important role in both strategic input and implementation for much of MRI work in the regions. All in all, these are busy but extremely exciting times for MRI and we look forward to sharing this progress during 2017.

MRI visits Brussels to meet with MRI Europe Leadership Group and Euromontana

DSCN5542Members of the MRI Europe Leadership Group recently convened a meeting in Brussels at the end of May, to galvanise interest within the mountain research community in Europe and continue efforts to promote mountain research for policy and practice in the European context. Joined by the current MRI Executive Director, Carolina Adler, the attendees also had the chance to revisit stated goals outlined in the Strategic Research Agenda: Mountains for Europe's Future, with a view towards strategic input to discussions and preparations for the next (9th) Framework Programme for research funding in Europe, most likely to cover the period 2021 – 2027. Many agreed actions were defined for follow up, including the establishment of a Network for European Mountain Research within the European association of mountain areas, Euromontana. For more information about the outcomes of this initial meeting, and other relevant information for interested parties to participate in these initiatives in Europe, are asked to contact MRI at

From left to right:
Tor Arnesen (Eastern Norway Research Institute, Norway); Thomas Scheurer (ICAS & ISCAR, Switzerland); Martin Price (Centre for Mountain Studies Perth College, University of the Highlands and Islands, Scotland); Evgenia Tsianou (MRI Europe officer), Carolina Adler (MRI Executive Director), and Bernat Claramount (University of Barcelona, Spain). Photo courtesy of Euromontana.

Ahead on the MRI agenda for mountain-related events in 2017

: Inaugural lecture at the Himalayan University Consortium (HUC), at the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), in Kathmandu, Nepal.
August: Presentation and participation at the International Forum on Social SciencesInterdisciplinary dialogues on climate change, disasters and governance”, in Cusco, Peru.
October: International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation’s (UIAA) General Assembly, Tehran, Iran.
November: 15th Swiss Geoscience Meeting 2017 (SGM 2017), "Moving Boundaries", in Davos, Switzerland.
December: Mountain Partnership’s high-level conference on mountains “Mountains under Pressure”, at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome, Italy.