Registration Now Open | Expert Reviewers Sought for IPCC SROCC

This review is a vital part of the IPCC assessment process, and aims to include the broadest possible scientific perspective. The MRI encourages the mountain research community to get involved by registering as an expert reviewer for Chapter 2: High Mountain Areas.

The Expert Review of the First Order Draft of the IPCC Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate (SROCC) will take place from 4 May to 29 June 2018.

SROCC is one of three special reports that the IPCC will be releasing over the next two years. Containing a careful assessment of changes in the ocean and cryosphere, SROCC aims to support policymakers in their understanding of the physical and social dimensions of climate change, the risks and challenges we face as a result, and our options for adapting to them.

This review is a key element of the IPCC assessment process. Experts from around the world are asked to offer comments and suggestions to the author teams. The report authors will then address each comment received when they prepare the next draft. 

All IPCC reports go through multiple stages of formal review. This first review will be followed by a second review, when governments will also be invited to provide feedback. 

As an active contributor to the IPCC SROCC report, the MRI would like to take this opportunity to encourage members of the mountain research community to get involved by putting themselves forward as an expert reviewer for Chapter 2: High Mountain Areas.

Expert reviewers can register with a self-declaration of expertise up to a week before the end of the review period. All expert reviewers will be acknowledged in the report, due to be finalized in September 2019.

Register now.

Further information on the IPCC review process can be found on the IPCC website.