Co-funded Small Grants Program for the Americas

clouds 3030063 1920This small grants program from the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research aims to link science and policy to achieve social-ecological sustainability and human welfare goals.

The Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI), an intergovernmental organization composed of 19 Parties in the Americas, identifies adaptation to the impacts of global change as an issue of the highest relevance - and one which the region should address through scientific collaboration and transdisciplinary research.

The IAI's Small Grants Program (SGP-HW) therefore aims to link science and policy to explore the role of ecosystem services in adaptation to global change for human wellbeing. This approach adopted under the SGP-HW reinforces the need for transdisciplinary research by integrating natural and social sciences.

Among the key objectives of this call is to encourage scientists in the Americas to focus on global change research that responds to the challenges identified by the IAI Conference of the Parties and the global frameworks provided by multilateral environmental agreements and organizations, including the SDGs. Correspondingly, the MRI encourages the scientific community in the Americas to consider a regional approach to research in mountain areas that responds to this call, and helps connect across countries and across disciplines with a mountains perspective.

The project duration of the SGP-HW is two years, with continuation of grants pending annual evaluations of satisfactory performance and subject to availability of funds.

Deadline for submission of pre-proposals is 27 May 2018.

The full call details are available in both English and Spanish.

For more information about the IAI, please visit their website.