Call for Papers: Mountain Biodiversity and Sustainable Development
MRD Call 40 2 Biodiversity cropped smallThe journal Mountain Research and Development has issued a call for papers that contribute to a better understanding of the interrelationship between global change, mountain biodiversity, and human well-being. 

Mountain biodiversity provides billions of upland and lowland inhabitants with vital ecosystem services and sources of livelihoods. Mountain Research and Development is looking for papers that present validated insights into ways of managing mountain (agro)biodiversity so that it contributes to human well-being; that analyze interlinkages between mountain biodiversity, global change, ecosystems, and people; or that offer evidence-informed agendas for research or policymaking with regard to these interlinkages.

Abstracts are due by 30 March 2019, full papers by 16 August 2019.

Read the detailed call for papers here. 

Read about the journal’s section policies, guidelines, and submission procedure here. 

The MRD Editorial Team
MRD Editorial Office, University of Bern, Centre for Development and Environment