Call for Contributions and Registration | Youth Mountain Forum
mountains central asia smallThe University of Central Asia's Mountain Societies Research Institute is accepting registrations and contributions for the Youth Mountain Forum – a side event taking place as part of the World Mountain Forum 2018. 

The Youth Mountain Forum will provide its participants with a global platform to bring the attention of policy makers, politicians, and practitioners to challenges posed by global climate change. To contribute to the discussion of sustainable mountain development issues, students and young professionals from Central Asia and the Mountain Partnership countries of Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific are invited to submit contributions.

Submissions should address global change issues in the context of the four thematic areas of the World Mountain Forum 2018: 

1.    Climate Change Affecting Water and Energy in Mountain Areas
2.    Poverty, Food Systems, and Agrobiodiversity 
3.    Resilience and Transformation in Mountain Communities and Ecosystems
4.    Investing in Mountains - Securing the Future

The Youth Mountain Forum is seeking to engage students and young professionals with a strong interest and background in climate change and sustainable development to serve as Youth Ambassadors during the World Mountain Forum 2018. The Youth Forum will provide the younger generation with an opportunity to discuss, share, and promote their perspective on climate action and the environment at the WMF 2018. 

A statement of interest (350-400 words), including required documents (passport, resume), should be submitted through the conference website. All submissions must be made in English. In the statement of interest, applicants are urged to address one of four core themes of the WMF 2018 and provide a youth perspective on sustainable mountain development issues in the Central Asian and Mountain Partnership regions. Selected participants will be asked to present their ideas in a format similar to the TED talk style. Participants are discouraged from pursuing a standard PowerPoint presentation format. 

The deadline for submitting applications is Friday, 31 August 2018.

Interested candidates must be 14 to 28 years of age and be from Central Asia and the Mountain Partnership countries of Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

Selected participants will be provided room, board, and travel funds to participate in the Youth Mountain Forum. Applications from women and people with disabilities are encouraged.

The Youth Mountain Forum is organized in partnership with UNICEF Kyrgyzstan, and will be held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on 22 October 2018 at the G. Aitiev State Art Museum.

More information can be found on the Youth Mountain Forum website.