Call for Abstracts: Climate Change in Mountainous Areas

colorado 113761 1280The European Meteorological Society will hold its annual meeting 3-7 September 2018 in Budapest, Hungary. The OPCC (Pyrenees Climate Change Observatory), as co-conveners of the session 'Climate Change in Mountain Areas,' invites you to present an abstract of your work on this topic.

This session welcomes contributions in connection with mountain climate, climate change, changing climate-extreme events, natural disasters, and other climate-related socioeconomic impacts. Adaptation actions and best practices are also welcomed. The abstract submission deadline is 13 Apr 2018.

Papers dealing with the following topics are invited:

  • measurements in mountains
  • climate time series, their quality control, homogenization methodologies and analysis
  • water balance in higher elevated areas
  • change of natural disasters according to climate change (droughts, avalanches, landslides, etc.)
  • climate change impacts in mountain ecosystems
  • climate change impacts in socioeconomic mountain sectors and climate vulnerabilities
  • adaptation to climate change in the mountains (forestry, grasslands, water systems, wetlands)

For more information about the meeting and abstracts submission procedure please visit the OPCC website.