Global Change impacts in Sierra Nevada (southern Europe)

Sierra Nevada Global Change Observatory is a long term monitoring program to assess the effects of global change in Sierra Nevada, a high mountain region located in southern Spain. Since 2007 this project has been collecting information to identify the impacts of global change on sociecosystems of this mountain region.

After 9 years of the implementation of this project, we have identified the main aspects of global change impact and have analyzed the biophysical and socioeconomic data available to assess exposure, sensitivity, and adaptive capacity of Sierra Nevada ecosystems to future scenarios. A report with information concerning the global change impact on the ecosystems of Sierra Nevada has recently been published (

A highlight of this report is its multidisciplinary nature, with the participation of 69 authors from different scientific disciplines belonging to 11 national and international institutions. The results are clustered in 10 chapters covering the main drivers of the global change: climate and land-use change, and also the effects of these changes on the snow cover dynamics and on the functioning and structure of the main terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems of this mountain region.

In addition to the report, a summary of the results has been published in an outreach article recently published in Bulletin of Ecological Society of America (

Contacts: R. Zamora (; A.J. Pérez-Luque (; F.J. Bonet (

Full report: Global Change Impacts in Sierra Nevada (


Zamora, R., Pérez-Luque, A.J., Bonet, F.J., Barea-Azcón, J.M. and Aspizua, R. (editors). 2016. Global Change Impacts in Sierra Nevada: Challenges for Conservation. Consejería de Medio Ambiente y Ordenación del Territorio. Junta de Andalucía. 208 pp. I.S.B.N.: 978-84-338-5960-0. Availble at

Zamora, R., Pérez-Luque, A. J., Bonet, F. J., Barea-Azcón, J. M., Aspizua, R., Sánchez-Gutiérrez, F. J., Cano-Manuel, F. J., Ramos-Losada, B. and Henares-Civantos, I. (2017). Global Change Impact in the Sierra Nevada Long-Term Ecological Research Site (Southern Spain). Bulletin of Ecological Society of America, 98: 157–164. doi:10.1002/bes2.1308