The Indigenous Plant Use Forum

Check out the Indigenous Plant Use Forum (IPUF) website for information about plants, products and the IPUF annual conference in South Africa. South Africa is one of the world’s mega-diverse countries with regards to plants, and there is a long term tradition of using plants for food, medicines, fibre and building material. Since IPUF's start up, the conference has attracted enthusiastic support from a diversity of interest groups and has been especially successful in promoting scientific research amongst young black students.

201704 IPUF

Although the conference is held in South Africa, institutions, governmental organisations, businesses and private citizens from other countries (Botswana, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, USA, Bangladesh, India, Netherlands, Germany and others) respond enthusiastically to the call for presentations for the symposium. The 2017 IPUF meeting will be the 20th conference in its present format, and will be held in Pretoria North, Gauteng.

Photo: Ghaap’ or Hoodia gordonii, widely known as the weight loss plant that the southern African San people discovered