New publication on wildlife management in Tanzania

Caro, T and Davenport, TRB (2016): Wildlife and wildlife management in Tanzania. CONSERVATION BIOLOGY, 30 (4):716-723; 10.1111/cobi.12658 AUG 2016

Abstract: Tanzania , arguably mainland Africa 's most important nation for conservation, is losing habitat and natural resources rapidly. Moving away from a charcoal energy base and developing sustainable finance mechanisms for natural forests are critical to slowing persistent deforestation. Addressing governance and capacity deficits, including law enforcement, technical skills, and funding, across parts of the wildlife sector are key to effective wildlife protection. These changes could occur in tandem with bringing new models of natural resource management into play that include capacity building, corporate payment for ecosystem services, empowering nongovernmental organizations in law enforcement, greater private-sector involvement, and novel community conservation strategies. The future of Tanzania 's wildlife looks uncertain as epitomized by the current elephant crisis unless the country confronts issues of governance, embraces innovation, and fosters greater collaboration with the international community.