African Mountain Partnership

The African Mountain Partnership is a linked regional initiative aimed at championing montane research and advocacy issues in Africa. The Mountain Partnership African Champions Committee is organized to facilitate the addition of new members and its next steps will be to define and implement a work plan. The African Mountain Partnership has launched the Africa Water Towers Initiative, which will focus on conducting research and generating knowledge on mountain ecosystem issues, carrying out stakeholder and institutional analysis to understand the actors involved in mountain ecosystems, and creating awareness of the need for payment for ecosystem services.

The Albertine Rift Conservation Society (ARCOS)

The Albertine Rift Conservation Society (ARCOS) champions collaborative conservation and sustainable management of natural resources in the Albertine Rift region through the promotion of collaborative conservation action for nature and people. ARCOS was established in 1995 and is a regional organization, registered both in Uganda and in the UK (as a Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee). ARCOS has a Board of Directors and Trustees comprised of appointed Board members from the Albertine Rift region and other international experts from different countries.

Manica Highlands Initiative (MHI)

The Manica Highlands Initiative (MHI) I is a product of the AfroMont meeting in Lesotho in 2012 and involved the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe, and it has grown from  into a large multidisciplinary initiative that now also includes Mozambique (as the mountains are transfrontier). Current concrete outputs are entirely in the botanical arena (focusing on endemism and diversity), in collaboration with numerous researchers in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and abroad (Kew, Brussels, Zurich). There is a hope that some faunal research will come into play soon (particularly in partnership with the Bulawayo Museum). The Manica Highlands Initiative was originally known as the Eastern Africa Initiative.

Mountain Forum

Mountain Forum is a knowledge repository, a social network and an information portal for people interested in sustainable mountain development around the world. With 18 years of existence, the Mountain Forum is the only specialized online community to share information and experiences on any issue related to mountains and sustainable mountain development.