International Geochronology Summer School

International Geochronology Summer School

Summer school/training
2019-09-01 - 2019-09-06
Hotel Morterastch - Morteratsch
This summer school run by the Department of Geography at the University of Zurich, Switzerland will encompass:

  • Dating techniques
    - Numerical methods (radiocarbon, exposure dating with 10Be, 26Al, 36Cl, etc.).
    - Dendrochronology, Ice-core chronologies,
    - Relative methods, like soil weathering and Schmidt-hammer technique, palaeosoils, palaeomagnetis.

  • Reconstruction of environmental parameters
    Using dendroecology, stable isotopes, etc.

  • Climate and landscape history
    - Case studies: dendrochronology, ice cores, varves, loess-stratigraphies, etc.

  • Reconstructing geomorphic processes
    - Avalanches
    - Mud flows
    - Land slides
    - Rock falls

  • Forest fires
    - Charcoal: identification, dating, etc.

  • Lectures and field trips

  • Presentation of participants' own research
Registration for the International Geochronology Summer School (IGSS) is open until 30 April 2019. For more information, please visit the website

All Dates

  • From 2019-09-01 to 2019-09-06

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