International Mountain Conference 2019

International Mountain Conference 2019

Conferences 2019
2019-09-08 - 2019-09-12
University of Innsbruck - Austria
IMC LogoThe IMC 2019 aims to encourage in-depth cross-disciplinary discussions towards a new understanding of mountain systems, their responses and resiliencies.

The IMC 2019 will take place 8-12 September 2019 in Innsbruck, Austria. It aims to build upon the three previous mountain conferences that took place in Perth, Scotland, continuing this special scientific conference series with a focus on mountain-specific topics. Hosted in the Alps, the IMC 2019 will provide an excellent opportunity for experts from different disciplines to come together and discuss mountain-related issues.

Climate change is an ongoing global phenomenon. The topography of mountain regions means that the processes and impacts of climate change are typically more complex in these regions than in the lowlands, and therefore more challenging to understand and predict. At the same time, mountain systems affected by climate change also provide many services, not only to local residents but also to people living in the lowlands. In total, around one quarter of the Earth's population lives in the mountains and their forelands.

In light of this, the IMC 2019 will focus on:
  • The investigation of processes and the detection of changes in climate and other factors more or less influenced by climate (e.g., social, environmental, or infrastructural changes)
  • The consequences of the changes with respect to the vulnerabilities of socio-ecological systems
  • Strategies for adaptation and transformation
The immediate goals of the conference are:
  1. To stimulate cross-disciplinary exchange on mountain research questions
  2. To initiate or foster collaboration between different disciplines worldwide
The goals beyond the conference are:
  1. To develop and publish review and/or assessment papers on different overarching research questions concerning mountain systems
  2. To generate a living report on the current state of mountains as social-ecological systems
The full conference programme can be viewed here.

The MRI is offering funding to support synthesis workshops that are part of the IMC 2019 programme, and that expect to produce publishable outputs that are suitable for IPCC AR6, and more specifically for the report by Working Group II (Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability) - which also includes the Cross-Chapter Paper on Mountains. 

This call invites IMC 2019 Workshop Moderators to submit proposals that specifically address the knowledge needs of the IPCC AR6 Working Group II assessment process by 31 March 2019. For full details, please view the call

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