MRI Science Leadership Council Meeting

MRI Science Leadership Council Meeting

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2018-11-08 - 2018-11-11
The MRI Science Leadership Council (SLC) will come together in November in order to evaluate the MRI's progress, review objectives, and set new priorities.

SLC members are observers of the strategic environment and provide guidance on how best to help members combine their efforts. They are also key participants in global change research themselves, and through their own actions carry forward the MRI's scientific agenda. 

During a fruitful meeting in Rome in December last year, three key priorities for SLC-led projects and activities were defined: Education/Key Publications; Governance; and Mountain Observatories. SLC members then split into working group clusters in order to develop a number of joint SLC projects related to advancing these three priorities. This 2018 meeting is an opportunity to present and evaluate progress on both these priority areas and the MRI's overall strategy, review objectives, and set new priorities for 2019 and beyond. 

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  • From 2018-11-08 to 2018-11-11

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