Youth Mountain Forum | WMF 2018

Youth Mountain Forum | WMF 2018

Conferences 2018
G. Aitiev State Art Museum - Bishkek
Emerging drivers of global change are transforming mountain communities and ecosystems. The pronounced vulnerability of mountain people and ecosystems to the negative effects of global climate change make building adaptive capacity and resilience an urgent priority. Developing and identifying solutions to enhance mountain livelihoods and well-being in a sustainable manner must be built on inclusive, just, and environmentally friendly foundations to be sustainable in the long term. Young people play an important role in this process, being not only the beneficiaries but also active agents of global change. 

The Youth Mountain Forum 2018 is organized in partnership with UNICEF Kyrgyzstan, and is a pre-conference event taking place as part of the World Mountain Forum 2018. It will provide its participants with a global platform to bring the attention of policy makers, politicians, and practitioners to challenges posed by global climate change. Moreover, it will offer an opportunity to generate tangible social and policy impacts across mountain partnership regions, with specific relevance placed on the themes identified for the World Mountain Forum 2018

1. Climate Change Affecting Water and Energy in Mountain Areas;
2. Poverty, Food Systems and Agrobiodiversity;
3. Resilience and Transformation in Mountain Communities and Ecosystems;
4. Investing in Mountains - Securing the Future.

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  • 2018-10-22

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