EO4Alps: The Alps from Space Workshop

EO4Alps: The Alps from Space Workshop

2018-06-27 00:00 - 2018-06-29 00:00
Villa Blanka - Innsbruck
The focus of this workshop is to assess the opportunities for Earth Observation (EO) research and development, as well as downstream activities that may be the basis for future European Space Agency (ESA) investments to address some of the key information needs relevant to the Alpine region. These opportunities will be framed with respect to emerging Earth science, development of novel applications, testing innovative information services and implementing required upgrades to capabilities to manage and manipulate large data volumes. The main output of the workshop will be a report summarising the main findings and recommendations for dedicated scientific activities, applications development, service innovation, and underlying ICT capabilities for a wide spectrum of users. This report will support ESA in defining future investments in EO research and development activities to foster EO innovation in the Alpine region and to launch a dedicated Alpine initiative later this year.

  1. Assess the status and priority interests in the European Alpine Region for Earth Science, geo-information, and operational monitoring.
  2. Review the main activities, projects, and initiatives taking place in the different Alpine application areas to which Earth observations from space can contribute.
  3. Evaluate the potential of the increasing observation capacity by satellites to address needs for science, applications, and information services in the European Alpine region.
  4. Characterise and address data collection and analysis gaps and define high-level requirements for supporting ICT solutions to advance EO data infrastructure capabilities in the Alpine region.
  • Economic development (incl. tourism, infrastructure and transport) and spatial planning.
  • Natural resources availability and sustainable exploitation in the Alps (incl. agriculture, forestry, water and energy).
  • Preserving biodiversity, ecological network, natural capital and the traditional Alpine environment.
  • Impact of meteorological extremes and natural hazards in the Alps and surrounding regions.
  • Impact of pollutants, radiation and meteorological stress on human health and the environment.
  • Understanding the Alpine process in response to climate and environmental change (incl. hydrology, snow and glacier dynamics).
  • Understanding the impact of the Alps (mountains) on atmospheric dynamics in the lower and middle atmosphere.
  • Combination of satellite- and ground-based measurements and potential contribution of Information Technologies.
The MRI's Executive Director Dr. Carolina Adler will be giving a keynote presentation at this event on 27 June.

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  • From 2018-06-27 00:00 to 2018-06-29 00:00

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