2017 Swiss Climate Summer School

2017 Swiss Climate Summer School

Summer school/training
2017-09-03 08:00 - 2017-09-08 17:00
Congressi Stefano Franscini, Ascona, Switzerland - Monte Verità
6612 Ascona, Switzerland
+41 44 633 84 58
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The 16th International Swiss Climate Summer School focuses on ‘High-resolution climate: observations, models and projections’.

With the advent of satellites and high-performance computing, the resolution of climate information is dramatically increasing. This development is of critical importance from a societal point of view. It will improve the representation of key processes, weather systems and extreme events; reduce uncertainties in climate projections; and facilitate the use of climate information for mitigation and adaptation measures. Topics covered will include:
  • What observational methodologies provide high-resolution data?
  • How suitable are current global and regional climate models for high-resolution application?
  • What is the role of high resolution in representing extreme events such as heat waves, droughts, wind storms and floods?
  • How can we exploit the highly parallel and heterogeneous hardware architectures of emerging generations of high-performance supercomputers?
  • How can high-resolution information be used to inform decision processes in the context of a changing climate?

The Summer School invites young researchers from all fields of climate research. The courses cover a broad spectrum of climate and climate impact research and fosters cross-disciplinary links. Each topic includes keynote plenary lectures and workshops with in-depth discussion in smaller groups. All Summer School participants are expected to present a poster of their research, and there will be ample opportunity for discussion.

All Dates

  • From 2017-09-03 08:00 to 2017-09-08 17:00

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