New publication on boundary-making and pastoral conflicts along the Kenyan-Ethiopian borderlands

Galaty, J (2016): Boundary-Making and Pastoral Conflict along the Kenyan-Ethiopian Borderlands.  AFRICAN STUDIES REVIEW, 59 (1):97-122; 10.1017/asr.2016.1 APR 2016

Boundaries are technologies of power and knowledge that shape spatial and social realities and our understandings of them. This article examines the effects of boundary-making between Kenya and Ethiopia, and investigates the effects of borders on states of peace and  conflict  among Turkana, Samburu, Borana, Gabra, and Dassanetch of northern  Kenya . If borders divide people, people benefit nonetheless from the environmental, social, and political entropy that borders generate by using the energy of spatial differences to advance their own individual and collective life projects.