2015-10-4/8, Perth, UK, Mountains of out Future Earth Conference 2015


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Mountains of Our Future Earth

4-8 October 2015

Perth, Scotland

The Mountain Research Initiative was co-organizing the Mountains of Our Future Earth conference. This conference occurs only once every 5 years and is the biggest meeting of its kind in mountain research. The outcomes of the conference play a big role in driving research and policy agendas at many levels. If you work in mountain research, don't miss it!

This year, the Mountain Research Initiative was sponsoring a Photography Competition and Exhibition in conjunction with the conference. Both amateur and professional photographers were encouraged to take part- there will be separate prize categories to ensure fairness and broad participation. The competition focused on various themes within the concept of "global change in mountains". For more information, visit the competition website.

Read the MRI Session Synthesis blog if you are interested in the outcomes of the conference!

Keynote speeches

Julia Klein, Transdisciplinary approaches to mountain sustainability

Ray Bradley, Elevation-dependent warming (EDW) and its probable causes

Christian Körner, Mountain future in a bioclimatic framework

Courtney Flint, Framing the human dimensions of mountain landscapes

Monique Fort, Managing mountain natural hazards in developing and developed countries

Veerle Vanacker, Human-landscape interactions after land use transition: A view from the Andes

Hans Hurni, Land degradation and sustainable land management in the Ethiopian mountains and highlands

Conference synthesis

Roundtable, An Agenda for R&D from a mountain perspective