2015-09-14/15 | Gothic, USA | A Global Network of Mountain Social-Ecological Systems: What Must we Do Over the Next Five Years to Achieve It?


a global Network

of Mountain Social-Ecological Systems in 2020

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VisionBy 2020 we wish to see a coordinated set of teams of researchers, covering the range of pertinent disciplines,
working collaboratively at a distributed network of field stations that represent the diversity of mountain regions around the world. Their common goal is to develop an understanding of the current structure and function of human and natural systems, as well as their longer-term evolution, in mountain landscapes at a detail sufficient to support forecasts of probable outcomes that can inform public and private decision-making.

Press release

A core group of researchers from around the world launched the Global Network Of Mountain Observatories (GNOMO) at the conclusion of a workshop hosted by the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (RMBL) in Gothic, Colorado, USA.

GNOMO Press Release | October 2015



Mountain researchers are, like the mountains themselves, scientifically, culturally and generationally diverse. Through its systemic approach the MRI seeks to provide a framework within which these different perspec:ves all find their place and which leads to a more inclusive and robust understanding of mountain social-­‐ecological systems.

Workshop Presentations

GNOMO Introduction and Background by Greg Greenwood Presentation


Find the GNOMO post-it exercices here:





Find out the members of the newly formed network on the map


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Who participated?

  • Researchers and Managers associated with potential Pilot Sites within the GNO-MSES
  • IT and data management experts interested in mountain systems,
  • Researchers and Academics who would use data from the GNO_MSES and
  • Agency Managers who would offer and use insights gained from the network.

 List of participants | GNOMO October 2015


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Contact: Carolina Adler, Executive Director, The Mountain Research Initiative, carolina.adler@giub.unibe.ch