2014-07-16/19, Reno, USA, Global Fair and Workshop on Mountain Observatories

Outcomes of the Global Fair and Workshop
on Long-Term Observatories of Mountain Social-Ecological Systems! 

July 16-19 2014, University of Nevada, Reno, USA 

Read the Summary of Summaries compiled by Greg Greenwood, Executive Director of the Mountain Research Initiative.

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The BloG: Summaries, Insights and Discussions of Sessions and Ateliers 

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The Map: An emerging global network of Mountain Observatories

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"What is the current status of the global mountain observatory system" is one of the overarching synthesis questions of the Global Fair and Workshop on Mountain Observatories.  In order to help answering this question we have started a map of the global network of Mountain Observatories. 

If you want to search for a specific observatory, topic or other feature, download the list of observatories.

If your site is not yet on the map fill out the questionnaire now! 




Please note: This graph resulted from an experiment in visualizing the networking
that took place at the Exhibition on 19 July. It is a snap-shot which does not attempt
to be final or objective. 
The graph shows the interest of visitors of the Exhibition (blue dots) to "talk more" to
certain programs or organizations (orange dots). The largest orange dots have attracted
most interest. Please also note that not all data has been processed yet.